Connect With Classmates

Memories – People, places, events.  Stories that make you smile.  Stories that make you cry.  Stories that make you cry with laughter!  High school is always a crazy, emotional mixed bag of life events.  But we’re past all that now (we are, aren’t we?) and the walls of cliques are long gone.  Plan to come by and catch up with all your old friends – better yet, make new friends with old classmates.

Help us out.

Forty years is a long time and much of our contact information is out-of-date.  If you know of someone in the class, please send them this website address and encourage them to send us current info.  We’ll be reaching out to you all via email and on social media.  And, if you have specific information about a classmate, particularly those who have passed on, please email us the info below.

  • What info can you provide that would help us connect with our classmates? Last email address, town, etc.